• The Struggle Is Real

    I often get told how being a Mom is so natural to me. As if it was the very reason I was put on this earth. I get complimented by… Read More

  • Real Mom

    Jayce was only three weeks old when I heard those gut wrenching words for the first time. Drew had returned to work, and it was just me and my sweet… Read More

  • Born From My Heart

    I feel like Drew and I have just enough collective wisdom in our pockets to talk our children through most of the struggles they might face in life. Except for… Read More

  • Jayce is ONE!

    I have a one year old…how is that even possible? When I sit back and reflect on this past year so many emotions flood to the surface. Joy, happiness, guilt,… Read More

  • Life with Irish Twins

    Noun. Irish twin (plural Irish twins) (rare, slang, offensive) Either of a pair of siblings born less than 12 months apart, especially if born within the same calendar year or school year or… Read More

  • The Pink Room

    When Drew and I started searching for our first house together our vision was a family home. A minimum of four bedrooms located in a family friendly neighbourhood, walking distance… Read More