Adopting During A Pandemic

Today I am joined by Tamara who after waiting 11 years to become a Mama, was blessed through adoption on March 16th of this year. Not only did they have less than 24hrs to prepare to bring their new daughter home,  they were also bringing their new baby home at the same time Coronavirus restrictions were put in place in the province of Alberta. 

Tamara shares with me what her journey to motherhood looked like and how she had to endure years of loss and sadness before she was blessed with her little girl. She also shares what it was like bringing a new baby home less than 24hrs of getting a call from her social worker there was a potential instant hospital placement available and we also get to hear what it was like not having her family and friends be able to celebrate in person with her and husband – something they have waited years for the opportunity to do. 

Tamara’s story is filled with fear, sadness and uncertainty but it’s also filled with so much strength, hope, celebration and love.  I hope you enjoy.

Show Notes:  

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