Infertility During A Pandemic

Today I am joined by Michele Senesac from Illinois who will be kicking off this short podcast series focused all around the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Michele was a guest on the Coffee & Grace podcast back in March where she shared her very personal story of infertility in an episode called My Waiting Room. Michele has been married to her husband of 5 years and together they have gone through countless treatments for infertility and endometriosis. Later in March, they were scheduled to start their journey through IVF and literally hours before she was about to start her cycle of meds, she got a call that her cycle would have to be cancelled because of the current pandemic. Michele is not a stranger to roadblocks on her path to parenthood and today we will get to hear how Michele is coping through yet another setback.

Show Notes:  

To connect further with Michelle you can find her on Instagram: @ivf_to_babysenesac

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