Journey to Motherhood: Episode 04

Monique and her husband began their path to parenthood in the Spring of 2012 when she was 32 years young. After completing the HSG test to determine if her reproductive organs were in good health, the radiologist determined she had right tubal blockage. She was shocked and devastated. After one unsuccessful IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) they waited four long years before seeking the expertise of a reproductive endocrinologist for a second time. It was then she was diagnosed with a hormonal disease called hypothyroidism and uterine polyps. Although the right tubal blockage had “cleared” itself, Monique had two unforeseeable issues to deal with before they could begin any form of IVF treatment. In August of 2016, she became pregnant with their baby boy after one failed cycle. Finally after almost six years of marriage, they had their

miracle IVF baby. He is the inspiration behind her passion for infertility advocacy as well as preemie awareness.

Show Notes:  

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