Journey to Motherhood: Episode 06

Holly & Alex Graham are two moms who have been blessed by adoption. Passionate about children with special needs, adopting a child with Down syndrome was something that was always in the back of their minds. They formally adopted Jaxson (aka Jax) on June 6, 2014, then adopted his brother, Niko, on Jan. 30, 2018. Their adoption stories are beautiful, but they didn’t come blessed with their two sons without a whole lot of uphill battles that took strength and sacrifice to overcome. Join me as I get the opportunity to sit down with both of these strong women and listen to their story. I promise you it will leave you inspired, and you’ll also have a good laugh.

Show Notes:  

To connect further with Holly you can find her on Instagram: @downwithjaxandniko and to connect with Alex you can find her on Instagram: @the_other_mom

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