One Mother’s Journey Through the NICU

Taryn’s journey to motherhood was not an easy one. Before they had their first child, they had never stepped foot in an neo-natal intensive care unit.  She learned very quickly that the NICU was a complete rollercoaster, and although she was incredibly grateful for her beautiful little boy, she was overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and uncertainty every single day for 7 weeks. 

They knew they wanted to continue to grow their family, despite all the setbacks and complications they had with their first. After undergoing many procedures and a surgery, she was so hopeful that their next baby would be full term and healthy. Unfortunately, that was not the case. She was 29 weeks pregnant with her baby girl when she found out that she was in preterm labour. The next two weeks were spent trying to meet the needs of her first child while navigating bed rest, hospitalization, and eventually another preterm delivery. 

Their little girl Reese spent the next 6 weeks in the NICU, overcoming many hurdles and obstacles that premature babies face. 

Join me as Taryn shares intimate details of her NICU journey, the emotional and mental strain it had on her, and how she continues to advocate for her babies by providing a safe community for Mama’s who have had to rise through hard motherhood. I hope you enjoy.

Show Notes:  

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