Parenting During A Pandemic

With the spread of Covid-19, millions of moms and dads have started spending a lot of time with their children, in new roles. I’ve noticed a large number of memes and posts on social media that state, “But I’m not a stay-at-home mom”; “I’m not a homeschooling dad”; “I’m not a Pinterest mom.” Along with the markets, the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on our mental health and parenting strategies. Essentially what we’re all being called to do now is learn how to parent in a crisis. 

Today I am so honoured to be sitting down with Carla Stern, who is a Registered Provisional Psychologist. Carla has worked with children and families for over 10 years, providing individual and family counselling for a vast range of mild to severe problems. Carla values lifelong learning and growth, and practices this in her own life as well. She has been trained in and has facilitated a number of parenting courses, and has provided education and consultation to parents, Teachers, and other professionals working with children.

Our conversation was full of so much wisdom and advice. We chat about:

  • Addressing your children’s fears around the pandemic
  • How to create a sense of calm in your home
  • Managing your expectations as a Mom and how to lessen mom guilt
  • Kind and thoughtful ways to talk to family members who may not follow Coronavirus guidelines
  • Guilt around increased screen-time and the pressures of homeschooling
  • How to manage your anxiety as a parent, as well as your childs

I hope you enjoy. 

Show Notes:  

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