Pregnancy & Delivery During A Pandemic

The world may be in the middle of an unprecedented crisis, but people are still having babies. With 250 babies born every minute, it’s safe to assume that more than 12 million new lives have started since the world locked down about eight weeks ago. And while many anxious parents probably wish they could delay the birth of their child until Covid-19 recedes, that’s not an option. So hospitals, medical bodies, and labor and delivery staff have adapted their practices to allow women to give birth as safely as possible in the middle of this pandemic.

While the rules may vary in different countries, they all share the same goal, “Keep things as normal as possible.” But stories from around the world show that’s not always possible.

Today I am joined by Meghan who just recently gave birth to her third child (a little girl) in March. Meghan shares what it was like giving birth during a pandemic, how her postpartum journey looked much different than with her other two children and the highs and lows of bringing a new baby into the world during this unique time. I hope you enjoy. 

Show Notes:  

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